MI3 Petroleum Engineering

Client Inspired Services and Personalized Attention

At MI3 we customize our services to fit our clients’ needs. We work with our clients to understand their goals, budget, timing, and expectations. MI3’s team applies its experience, knowledge, and the best ideas to design a geologic and subsurface engineering plan that fit each project’s specific needs.

We care about your company, your project, and your success. Your company is not just another name in our list. When we commit to a client, we treat our client’s assets as if they are our own assets.

MI3 Petroleum Engineering provides a complete range of engineering, geological and economic evaluation services. Included in these services are:

  • Integrated reservoir modeling for conventional, unconventional and EOR projects
  •       Geological and petrophysical integration
          3D modeling
          Production analyses
          Black oil/ compositional simulation
  • Well testing design and analyses
  • Shale oil EOR modeling
  • Oil & Gas Reserves and Resources evaluation: PRMS, SEC.
  • Acquisition and divestiture evaluations
  • Oil & Gas property appraisals
  •       Asset valuation
  • Reserves optimized auditable OPEX Model
  • Technically supported reserves volumes and processes
  • Carbon management and impact in reserves estimations
  • Field Development Plan (FDP) - Integrating subsurface and surface.
  •       Optimization and economics
          Cost and risk assessment
          Technology assessment
  • Project economic analysis
  • Portfolio analysis/Reserves integration
  • Contract operator
  •       Technical, Operating and Back Office Operator services
                Production / Facilities management
                Land / Legal
                Geology & Reservoir Engineering
                Procure and maintain equipment
                Regulatory filing and compliance
                Liaison for oil & gas sales

Please do not hesitate to contact us to help and support your future projects together with our qualified team.